Even though NRG Global Sourcing mainly manufactures product in Bangladesh, China and North America – We have specialist all over the world ready to meet any/all demands. We have a strong team of machine operators, industrial maintenance technicians and quality assurance specialists.


NRG Global Sourcing excels at designing innovative products for retailers. The art of innovation can be found at the core of everything we do. Our design team works with consumers to design quality products. They bring stories to life – With a passion for creativity and aesthetics, an eye for detail and the ability to create designs that help our customers perform better. Being a designer at NRG Global Sourcing means you have access to great resources like rapid prototyping equipment, machine shops, world-class material and design libraries.

Merchandising & Product Management

Our Merchandising & Product Management teams create compelling and innovative products to fulfill any need, whether immediate or for the upcoming seasons. They build the initial line plan that our designers and developers use from concept to prototype. Seen as the expert on the consumer, the marketplace and the product, they’re responsible for the creative vision of NRG Global Sourcing’s future product lines

Product Development

NRG Global sourcing’s Product Creation and Development team are involved in the first stages of creating new products, commercialization and getting them to our consumers. This involves everything from idea generation, materials and construction, materials sourcing, product testing and product confirmation. They work directly with overseas factories to facilitate product samples, testing of color fastness, garment construction, fit, and much more. This team works closely with Product Merchandising and Product Design. Their main goal is to get the best product at the best cost point, and delivered on time.

Their innovations are the heart of our business. Their ingenuity is what makes our product outstanding. Leading our team through the development process, they specialize in everything from improving our manufacturing processes, to creating a more efficient supply chain.