The old scene of a parent waiting outside a changing room while their child tries on clothes has evolved. Now, kids are just as excited about fashion and style as their parents, and their interest is fueled by inspiration from various sources.

Consumers make the decisions. At NRG Global Sourcing, our job is to understand what motivates and inspires them. We put consumers at the center of everything we do, whether it’s in Brand Marketing or Global Communications. This approach is especially true in the dynamic world of kids’ fashion.

Kids have noticeably smartened up, taking a more thoughtful approach to dressing. Now, the average child is more aware of trends, fabrics, and styles. This enthusiasm shows that kids are just as eager for unique new looks as adults.

Our dedicated team has been communicating our brands and services to the international marketplace for over 15 years, driving our mission to connect with consumers through various channels. This commitment is reflected in the rapid growth of kids’ fashion, driven by accessible trends in magazines, on TV, and through celebrity influences. Designers focus on creating fun, trendy kids’ wear, giving children’s fashion a broader and more playful appeal.

We’re committed to creating deep, credible, and authentic connections with consumers and employees through inspiration, innovation, and the growth stories of our brands. Whether their fashion inspiration comes from their favorite shows, the latest trends, or popular culture, kids are happy exploring their personal style.


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